Tax Representation

We represent individuals and entities when they have a case or controversy with the IRS, or a state tax or local revenue agency. If you receive a notice from any of these agencies of the government, let us help. We help you resolve these issues and de-escalate any confrontation you may be having with these agencies.

Many times these agencies are just requesting more information or proof that what you have reported is correct. We can help you organize and provide the information to the agency in a format they can use easily. Proper presentation is very helpful. We have a great deal of experience working with auditors from agencies to help them understand the facts of our client’s cases in a way that clarifies and helps explain what our clients meant to express. Once the facts are clearly understood, we can help our clients negotiate a proper settlement of any taxes that may be due, and we can help you reduce any penalties that may be imposed through proper payment plans with these agencies.

We also help clients arrange tax payment plans and/or submit offers in compromise for taxes due. There are strict regulations about qualification for offers in compromise, please make an appointment to see if you qualify.

If the agency has concluded an audit of your books and records, we can still help you through the audit appeals process. Every agency has an administrative appeals process and often an appeals officer will be more open to resolution of your case than an auditor. We also provide accounting expertise to attorneys for their use in cases involving tax matters.

Please call us and provide the notices you have received. We will meet with you and begin work on your case quickly.