Home Owner’s Associations

We provide accounting services to HOAs. We understand the specialized accounting needs HOAs have for tax and regulatory compliance. We can provide these services at a reasonable price because we use different general or specialized accounting programs depending on the size and scope of your needs. We also provide annual income tax reporting for HOA’s. We can provide individual accounting records for each HOA member, member statements, and individual accounts by member. We can also provide entity level financial statements, compiled or reviewed financial statements, with or without all required (GAAP) disclosures.

We can also help your HOA with its reserve study and help your HOA communicate the necessity of funding the recommended reserve to the HOA members.

We can also provide audit services for your HOA at the entity level (See “Audit Services”).

Property Management Services

We prepare property by property accounting records that allow owners to understand the long-term profitaility of their investment real estate. We can generate individual or aggregate reports for the owner’s use.

We also prepare the income tax records on a property by property basis for annual income tax compliance (and gain or loss) purposes. We keep the permanent tax depreciation and tax basis records for each property.