Payroll and benefits are often the largest cost for a business. Managing your payroll shouldn’t be an intrusive or burdensome experience. We won’t withdraw any fees, taxes, or payroll from your account until the payment is due. The cash flow effect is just as if you were doing your own payroll.

We provide your small or mid sized business with a flexible payroll solution. We can be your full service payroll provider including making employee direct deposits and tax payments. We can also be an occasional payroll adviser, giving your business assistance from time to time. Each payroll solution should be unique and we will customize our service to your business needs.

We provide general full-service payroll to our full service bookkeeping clients in your main business accounting system. For our full service bookkeeping and payroll clients, all of your business information is in one accounting system, nothing is in a separate payroll system.

If you do your own bookkeeping, using an “off the shelf” accounting system and you want us to do your payroll we can give you the data to enter into your system, or we can do your payroll in your accounting system remotely or through file sharing. Or, if you like your payroll separate from your accounting or bookkeeping, we can maintain a separate payroll system for your company and provide only totals in the form of a journal entry for your bookkeeper to use. We can generate all of the required payroll reporting and reconcile the reports for your business as needed in any case.

We can also track your employee vacation and sick pay, make sure you are in compliance with the changing minimum wage and sick time accrual laws in Oregon and Washington, and answer questions you or your staff may have about their payroll.