Our Fees


Too often, professional fee pricing is a mystery. All you know is a large bill shows up after a month and you don’t know what has been done.

Our billing can be as detailed as you like. We will prepare and e-mail your invoice to you when the work is done or every month as the case may be. We offer services billed in different ways: billing by the hour at our standard rates, billing at a fixed price, billing based on percentage of completion of a project, and billing by the tax return based on the forms prepared. We are also open to other methods you may suggest.

By The Hour

This is the traditional way accounting firms have calculated their fees. Our minimum hourly rates for 2016 are:

Senior Shareholder

Managing Member


Accountant / Sr. Accountant









All of the time spent working on your matter is tracked in quarter-hour increments and billed at the conclusion of your matter or progress billed each month if your service engagement takes longer than one month to complete.

Fixed Price

We provide some services at a fixed price. Typically, these are monthly accounting or bookkeeping services, payroll and payroll tax services, Excise Tax, Audits, Reviews, and Compilations. We will give you a contract price that will not change for one year. This gives your business cost predictability.

We can bundle our services and provide single-price accounting, tax, payroll, and bookkeeping services for your organization at a fixed monthly quarterly, or annual price. We can also provide some of your services on a fixed price, and some using another method, such as by the hour, to fit your particular needs.

We customize each service contract based on your situation and what you want.

We do fixed fee work for payroll, bookkeeping, accounting systems, tax compliance, Audited or Reviewed or Compiled Financial Statements, and other consulting projects. Please call for an appointment to go over your unique needs and get a price quote today.

Tax Return Fees

Our clients all have an appointment with a CPA or an IRS Enrolled Agent. Your return is reviewed by another licensed preparer with many years of experience. Our preparers have all passed an annual tax preparation course and participate in continuing education thought the year to insure that they have the most up to date and relevant knowledge for your tax situation.

Our standard fees are based on data from TY 2014 and may be higher or lower depending on your specific situation.*(see below for more information)

The fee includes perpetual electronic data storage and on-line retrieval without additional charge. We also provide a bound copy of your return and all schedules to you each year. We scan and return all of your original documents, and e-file your return if possible.

Our fees are based on the type of return, the forms required to be completed, and the schedules attached. Below is a sample of our pricing

Individual Tax Return Rates
Basic individual tax return Form 1040A, Affordable Care Act compliance, e file: $150
Individual tax return Form 1040 with standard deductions or Schedule A, Affordable Care Act compliant, and efile: $450 & up
Schedule D (capital gains and losses): $100 & up
Schedule E (supplemental income and loss): $160 & up

Business Tax Return Rates
Schedule C: $175 & up
Form 706 & 1041 (fiduciary): $2,500 & up
Form 990 (tax exempt/nonprofit): $750 & up
Form 1065 (partnership): $945 & up
Form 1120 (corporation) or Form 1120S (S corporation): $1,000 & up

Other Tax Services
Extension: $75
Amended Tax Return: $250 & up (per return)
Monthly Excise Tax $100 + Bookkeeping & up

*Factors that may increase your rate include missing records, rush charges for tax data received after March 1st (for 1065 & 1120S returns) or April 1st (for 1040 & 1120 returns), and bookkeeping required to complete the return.