Nonprofit Consulting Services

We have specialists that are experienced in performing all the services necessary to keep a nonprofit organization functioning well. Our services include: annual budgeting, capital asset planning, variance reporting, financial analysis, cost reduction strategies, grant award financial information presentations, grant compliance, membership systems, integration of systems, financial statement auditing, grant auditing, human resource planning, board retreat facilitation and planning, donor management systems, and designing fund accounting systems. In short, if it involves finances in a nonprofit setting, we can help. We also help develop the finance staff of nonprofit entities. We work with them to teach them how to do accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, and other tasks.

We have years of experience working with nonprofits. We are committed to providing excellent service to your organization at an affordable cost. We will work with any sized nonprofit, and our objective is your organization’s success. Our current clients range from small local nonprofits to national nonprofits and entities with international scopes of operation.

Nonprofit Audit, Review, Compilation, and Financial Statements

We do Audits (including federal grant recipient auditing), tax compliance including state nonprofit filings and other compliance services for nonprofit organizations. We also provide grant auditing and attestation services.

In addition to assisting your nonprofit with bookkeeping services, we can audit your organization for grant compliance as well as provide internal control evaluations.

We provide Audited, Reviewed, and Compiled Financial Statements for nonprofits, governmental entities, and special districts.

We can also prepare a financial statement for your submission to an audit by a state of federal audit agency. In this case, we are not your auditor, and we will work with you to create the best possible Financial Statements. We can also provide supplemental information and answers to your auditing agency on the organization’s behalf.

Other Nonprofit Services

We provide tax return and state charity compliance services to all sizes of nonprofit organizations. We prepare 990, 990EZ, and 990N federal tax returns for nonprofit organizations quickly and at a reasonable price. Each state has reporting requirements for nonprofits, and we also provide state compliance services.

We can help you with your grant acquisition and monitoring processes. We provide internal control system analysis and can help you write or edit your internal control policies and procedures. We have experience helping to create grant budgets, create financial statements for grant expenditures, allocate your direct and indirect costs, prepare your indirect grant cost allocation plans, and help your organization assign actual costs to grant awards.

We offer the same levels of service to our nonprofit clients as we do our business clients, and we keep our fees as low as possible for your nonprofit organization because we understand your objective is to strive for the good purposes your organization was created to achieve for society – not to make a profit for owners.


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