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Non-profits must meet strict accountability standards for cash flow. This means accurately determining financial inflow as well as where it came from. Grants, donations, and profits are all individually analyzed. A problem in one area can mean increased scrutiny in another. The best way to protect your non-profit is with a non-profit audit in Vancouver, WA from Fox & Company CPAs LLC

Non-Profit Audits Vancouver WA

Non-profit auditing services include:

Non-Profit Entity Audits
Auditing your foundation regularly is a smart move. We can analyze your company finances and help establish yearly budgets. Auditing is also an excellent way to identify where expenses are originating. This is the firs step when developing a cost reduction strategy. Financial statement auditing is crucial before submitting tax statements. We can even help teach staff within your company to audit the company internally.
Grant Compliance Audits
Grants are a significant source of income for most non-profits. The more grants you utilize, the more stipulations you have to comply with. We look at each grant individually to ensure your non-profit maintains compliance. Compliance reviews aid in a smooth end of year tax submission as well.
Federal Grant Recipient Auditing
Federal grants are extremely particular. Failing to meet grant stipulations can result in their removal. If you’re considering applying for a particular grant or are worried about losing funding, you can benefit from grant recipient auditing. A lapse in identifying eligibility can cause a foundation to have to repay the federal government. That can overly burden or end a foundation. Make sure you are in compliance.

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