Business Valuation Services

We can prepare a complete business valuation for your company using the accepted industry standard methodology.

Commonly, a business valuation needs to be done whenever an ownership interest changes – regardless of the cause. Ownership interests can change through a proposed sale, acquisition, a transfer caused by the death or divorce of an owner, or through the admission of a new partner to a business (whether as a partner or as a shareholder or as a member).

Our impartial opinion of the value of the business can help everyone achieve a smooth transition whenever ownership interests change.

We also provide these services when owners can’t agree on a value and litigation results. We can work with either owners or attorneys at this point.

For simpler valuations, or simpler situations, we can calculate a business value using simpler methods and keeping your costs lower. In this case we would not be providing an industry standard opinion of value, and our calculation would be for the use of a small group of owners only.