Are your business taxes professionally prepared?

If you aren’t having your finances overseen by a local certified public accountant, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Business accounting is complicated. Everything changes depending on your business type. Is your business a corporation, a partnership or solely owned? Are you an LLC? How many employees do you have? What business related expenses did you make? Are you sure? Every detail matters and changes how you prepare and file taxes. Do it right the first time with a business tax expert in Vancouver, WA from Fox & Company CPAs LLC.

Business Tax Vancouver WA

What can our accounting company do for you?

We offer a wide range of services for your business. Correctly filing taxes is critical, but it’s not the only step. A business lifecycle involves many stages. We can help your business at every stage.

Startup Accounting
The business entity you choose will have a serious impact on your finances. We can help you determine which structure is right for your needs. Afterward, we can help you register and establish corporate accounts and books.
Business Loan Prep
Whether you’re just beginning or seeking to expand, a loan may be necessary. Loans are declined for many reasons. We maintain contact with business capital industries. We can help you prepare a proposal and determine whether or not to accept an offer.
Business Auditing
Audits are required in a number of instances. A pre-tax audit is a great way to determine if your business is filing correctly beforehand. We also provide consulting for payroll and bookeeping departments. This service can prevent business tax-related problems and even reduce costs.
Business Valuations
These are a necessity when an ownership interest changes. Whether it’s a sale, death, bankruptcy, transfer, or other interest change, a valuation will be required. We use industry standard methodology to provide an accurate business valuation and assessment.

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Preparing your business to file taxes starts with an experienced accounting firm. We can help your business at any stage, so don’t put preparations off any longer. Call or contact us today, it’s time to get started.