Business Start Up

Starting a new business can be a perplexing experience. We help you start out properly and stay on the right path with continuing advice as well as accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services.

Whatever your business plan calls for, we can help you select an entity that’s appropriate from an accounting, business operations, and tax compliance perspective. We help you start your business wherever you want: in any US state or even in international jurisdiction. We can discuss the tax advantages of your selection with you.

We help you deal with each state’s tax compliance requirements for your type of entity: corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, sole proprietorships, and other forms of entities. We help you make the proper federal and state tax elections based on your entity. We also provide permanent entity record keeping services, and meet with your ownership group to make sure transactions are being recorded and monitored properly. We can also prepare your entity federal state and local income tax returns as needed.

We offer simple package pricing for all of our business services. Please call our office for more information.

New Entity Registration package price is $600 & up

  • Consult on Appropriate Entity & Tax Election
  • Consult on Registration of New Entity with the IRS & States
  • Establish Corporate Book
  • Initial Meeting Minutes & Documentation for Corporate Book
  • Establish Fox & Company as your Registered Agent

Servicing Your Business Through its Lifecycle

We offer ongoing consulting services for start-ups and existing businesses. We can help to set up your new company and register it with the IRS and any state revenue agencies. We can keep financial and tax records of your business that are updated as needed, and we take care of the renewals, business license fees, and annual meeting minutes so you don’t have to. We can become the permanent on-line repository of your company’s business records. We use a secure on-line storage method so that you can access your records at any time.

Our services can continue throughout the life cycle of a business, including business succession planning, owner’s estate tax planning, and tax efficient methods for selling your business. We have years of experience performing valuations of businesses and we can help you understand how businesses are valued, and what your business is or may be worth.

We have 2 packages for our most popular business services. Those packages are:

After you establish your entity its important to have an Annual Meeting. Those meeting are held towards the end of your fiscal year with you and your accountant. It’s a time to reflect on the years business and make changes in the current tax year that may have tax implications. You will also review changes planned for the year ahead.

Annual Consulting Services package price is $275 & up

  • Document Annual Meeting Minutes for Entity
  • Tax planning & Consulting
  • Maintenance of Corporate Book

We have a package price for services typically required of each business owner at year end. Your accountant will take care of the items listed below, you can find comfort that they will all be filled accurately and timely and wrap up your business books for the year.

Year End Services package price is $750 & up

  • Annual Meeting for Members (held in Oct. Nov. & Dec.)
    • minutes recorded for corporate book
    • tax planning & consulting
  • Review/ Update tax deferral Strategies
  • Provide Compiled Financial Statement