As licensed CPA’s we provide objective examinations of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Our audit philosophy includes understanding the key aspects of our clients’ operations in all areas critical to success. The primary objective of an audit is for us, as experts, to issue an opinion on the financial statements provided to us. We also provide recommendations and suggestions for improvements to your systems when we finish your audit.

Grant and Single Audits

We perform audits of governmental and other organizations that receive federal funding and are subject to an independent audit under the Single Audit Act (and Circular A-133, A-102, and 2 CFR, subtitle A, chapter II, part 220). We provide a separate fee estimate for the grant auditing portion so your organization can understand how much the grant auditing is budgeted to cost. We provide extra attestations concerning your internal controls and grant compliance as required in your situation, and we can help you complete your government e-filing obligations. Our attestation opinion increases the fee we charge for this aspect of your audit as a result of our accepting this responsibility.

HOA Audits

We have years of experience auditing HOA’s and we understand the reserve study and funding requirements under both Washington and Oregon law. We will look closely at the reserve analysis calculations and the tenant accounting and bookkeeping at a cost within the budget of the HOA. We can also audit tenant records and posting & maintaining tenant accounts for property management companies.

In all financial Audits, we attest that your financial statements comply in all material respects with your chosen basis of accounting and that all required disclosures are being made. This is the highest level of assurance we can provide to a third party reader/user of your financial statements. Accordingly, this attestation opinion increases the fee we charge as a result of our accepting this responsibility.