Accounting Services

We offer a variety of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and consulting assistance with the objective of providing your business with the best possible customized services at a reasonable cost. Our accountants, bookkeepers and consultants can grow with your company and expand with you when you are ready.

We also offer these services to individuals who want an accountant to help them meet their regular financial obligations. Individuals who use this service include busy professionals, wealthy individuals, retired individuals, and elderly people. We generally make a fixed fee arrangement for individual accounting services so individuals can create accurate budgets. We also help individuals prepare personal financial plans and budgets – without trying to sell any financial products (we don’t sell any type of products).

“Elder Care” Services

We provide a full range of fixed price services including financial advice and simplification services and complete bill paying services to elders who want to remain independent and not move to an assisted living facility. We work with the power of attorney holder, if any, to simplify and consolidate accounts, and make sure assets are properly titled as instructed by the proper party. We provide simple periodic statements to owners, power of attorney holders, and family members as instructed by authorized parties. One of our Partners supervises all of these cases personally, so everyone involved including the elder client can be assured everyone’s needs are being properly handled and supervised from the highest level of our organization.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping staff has an average of over 20 years of bookkeeping and payroll experience. They deal directly with our clients and have the experience necessary to keep your records in excellent condition. Our tax preparers and professional accountants work closely with you and your bookkeeper to ensure any special issues are handled promptly and correctly. Our bookkeeping supervisor has been with our company for eight years, has an AA degree in accounting, and is a licensed IRS Enrolled Agent. Our individual bookkeeper’s biographical sketches appear under the “About Us” section.

Accounting Systems

We provide technical expertise and years of accounting experience to assist clients with creating and implementing an accounting system to track your finances customized to your needs. We ensure your system will help you meet the necessary reporting obligations for local, state, and federal tax compliance, as well as your federal and state payroll and excise taxes. We will also design or review your internal control systems to make sure they are adequate for your company’s needs. We can also help your company convert your accounting records to your new systems. We don’t sell accounting software, so we will give you unbiased recommendations for systems that will meet your company’s needs.