Is your local accountant certified?

Not every accountant with a degree is certified. When you choose an accountant to handle your taxes, bookkeeping, and other financial matters—you want to know they have the necessary qualifications. A certification ensures this. That’s why Fox & Company CPAs LLC is your trusted accountant in Vancouver, WA. Our certifications guarantee we provide the highest quality services. Our dedication to our clients guarantees you’ll get comprehensive accounting services.

A personal accountant has never been more affordable.

We are a full-service accounting firm with competitive rates. That means we handle both personal and business accounting. When you need to find an accountant, hiring locally is your best option. We work with you one-on-one to acquire necessary documents, organize them, and fill-out forms and records with complete accuracy before submission. The best way to handle a problem with the IRS is to hire an accountant as soon as it is known. Preparation services from our certified accountants is the best preventative step.

Accountant Vancouver WA

Do you need accounting services?

If you pay taxes or run a business, you do. We offer a range of services. Finding the right service is as easy as a phone call.

Tax accountant services
We offer multiple tax-related accounting services geared towards both businesses and individuals. Our tax services include preparation and compliance. We’ll help you reduce the chance of being audited and save you money by correctly preparing taxes in compliance with your return type.
Bookkeeping and elder care
Bookkeeping isn’t limited to businesses. Individuals benefit from our accounting system services. We can help individuals track and consolidate accounts. This can help older account holders track finances, estate holdings, and manage without an assisted care facility.
Consulting accountant services
Consulting services can benefit you in a number of ways. They reduce costs for small businesses by reducing the need for certain full-time positions. Our firm can also provide accounting support during litigation proceedings. We collate and identify metrics regarding business performance, financial performance, cash flow movement and more.

Contact a local accountant today.

We’re ready to help. It just takes a single phone call to change your life for the better. Whether you need service immediately or are preparing for the future, our accounting firm in Vancouver, WA provides the financial accounting services you need. Call or contact us now.